SUTRA Multipurpose Aromatherapy Spray

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Introducing a new series of SUTRA Wellness product for household use. 100% Natural Aromatherapy Spray. Make your life easy. Scented your day with SUTRA Multipurpose Aromatherapy Spray which can be used not only as aromatherapy air freshener but also for table or glass cleaner and ironing aid. Come in four different scents which using pure essential oils as the main ingredient and scents. Come into four different scents such as:

Rose Sensation – Vol. 200ml

The oil is also considered a mild tranquilizer and anti-depressant. Rose essential oil is used to cure peptic ulcers and heart disease. Having a fresh, sweet, floral and strong aroma makes this aromatherapy spray very special. Use for aroma spray in your car, room, bathroom and etc.

Sweet Lavender – Vol. 200ml

Sweet Lavender spray has a beautiful, versatile aroma. It use for anti-bacterial, calming and it’s considered safe enough to use with children. Fresh floral scent makes you feel more relax everyday without stress!

Pandan – Vol. 200ml

Prevent from cockroaches, ants with constantly refreshing fragrance in your home and car. Can use for wedding where it’s smell like ‘bunga rampai’ that’s very popular in Malay tradition.

Citrus Berry – Vol. 200ml

For Household use

- Use to clean and deodorize floors, bench tops, toilets, glass surfaces and stainless steel surfaces

- Helps remove grease spots and stains from clothes and fabrics

– Use as an air freshener to remove unpleasant odors.